Colton WHEW

I am SO glad I’m not a teenager anymore. I would be  SO OB-SES-SED!!!

I already kind of am. :/


Rock Star.

: swoon :

I could listen to this kid sing the phone book.

Dude…I really hate reality TV.

But DAMN. American Idol has some really UHmazing talent this year. I am smitten with Colton (like most things with a vagina..hell, vagina optional) and  Reed Grimm is just STUPIDLY talented. Heejun Han has such a beautiful voice its unreal. But Phil Phillips blew my effing mind. Lord Jeebus!! <3 I have no idea how things will go but as of right now, I’m calling Reed Grim as the winner.

Guess who’s watching American Idol this season!?!

: raises hand :